Hollywood movies may be too dumb for China

Blockbusters like ‘Iron Man 3’ battle more subtle Chinese fare as audiences choose plot and complexity over explosions and 3-D.

…The film studios blame the Chinese government, which imposed a two-month blackout of foreign films last year when they began making too much money and offered theaters a bonus for showing domestic films, according to The Times. Local film critics, however, note that the Chinese moviegoer isn’t all that taken with the explosion-laden, CGI-painted blockbusters that drive revenue-boosting add-ons like IMAX (IMAX +0.18%) and 3-D showings. “Lost In Thailand,” for example, took in more than $200 million last year and drew more moviegoers than “Avatar” did during its run in China.

Critics and industry analysts note that Hollywood’s one constant in China is its repeated underestimation of the college-educated Chinese moviegoer…


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