Paranormal Activity 2 Director Muscled Off Film

… Apparently Lionsgate has some issues controlling their douchebag tendencies. Based on a brief yet heated blog post from Saw VI helmer Kevin Greutert, Lionsgate lawyers have muscled him off of Paranormal Activity 2 so they can force him back into the director’s chair for this year’s Saw VII …

What is this “Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows” movie the writer mentions?

Summit Entertainment is Developing a TV Version of PUSH With David Hayter Writing and Executive Producing the Pilot

… For those who never saw Push…it’s essentially another version of NBC’s Heroes. …

‘Avatar’ storms past ‘Star Wars’ to become third highest grossing movie of all time

The force was with “Avatar” this weekend.

The James Cameron blockbuster rocketed past “Star Wars” to become the No. 3 movie of all time at the North American box office.

‘Spider-Man 4’: What went wrong?

… The blogosphere buzzes with the collapse of “Spider-Man 4” — and the decision to turn the origin story that had loosely been called “Spider-Man 5” by some into the next movie (sans Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and many others associated with the franchise heretofore). …

Our take? Look at the trend–cheaper is more profitable. See what you think.

2010 movie preview

… The only downside to Hollywood cracking $10 billion at the domestic boxoffice is that if it doesn’t gross more in 2010 the doomsayers will start dusting off their soapboxes.

Can the New Year live up to what was a rotten old year for everybody but the movie business? …

Sleeper Watch 2010! Do you know where your surprise hit is?

… After last year’s unexpected boxoffice runs by Warner Bros.’ “Gran Torino” ($148 million domestic) and Fox’s “Taken” ($145 million) early in 2009, it’s tempting to look for potential surprise hits in early 2010. …|+Risky+Business)