Lucasfilm Agrees to End Anti-Competitive Practices

The Department of Justice has reached a settlement with Lucasfilm that prevents it from engaging in anti-competitve practices.

As part of the settlement, the department said that Lucasfilm and its rival Pixar agreed not to cold call each other’s employees and agreed to notify each other when making an offer to an employee of the other company.

The settlement also bars Lucasfilm from giving employees a counter offer that is more valuable than the competing company’s offer…

Studio Report Card: For Disney, Big Hits But Also Big Bills

It was a year of transition for Disney, with Rich Ross — who took over the chairmanship from Dick Cook in October of last year — making big executive changes in almost every major department.

Going into the year, Disney executives spoke openly about cost containment. “We didn’t make money on some of these movies because they cost too much,” lamented theatrical distribution president Chuck Viane,…

Seven Biggest Movie-Ratings Fights

Like a bad grade in college that you don’t think you deserve, a Motion Picture Association of America movie rating is something you can sometimes appeal. There are many instances of Hollywood films being slapped with ratings that their producers and studios abhor. After all, filmmakers want the biggest audience possible for their movies. There are a few celebrated cases of movies doing well despite “extreme” ratings-Last Tango in Paris and its X comes to mind-but for most filmmakers, anything stronger than an R is too risky. The appeals process is somewhat opaque and involves meeting with an appellate board and presenting the case. Victories are rare, but Harvey Weinstein just claimed a big one for Blue Valentine, the Oscar hopeful starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.

Robert Duvall Labels Performances in Kubrick’s Films as “Terrible”

Legendary actor Robert Duvall has condemned “the great Stanley Kubrick” as an “actors enemy”. The fiery exclamation came during a round table interview with THR after it was revealed that director David Fincher frequently took around fifty takes to get the perfect shot whilst filming The Social Network. Fellow interviewees Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg laugh (perhaps with disdain?) as Duvall compares Fincher to Kubrick…

Court Approves MGM Bankruptcy Plan

After more than a year in the wilderness, debt plagued Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer may soon be able to re-emerge as a force in Hollywood.

The studio made important headway in the road to rehabilitation on Thursday, as it announced it has received court approval for its pre-packaged bankruptcy plan…