Hollywood moves big bucks online, adding talent, made-for-Web TV shows

…a snazzy trailer they produced helped snag Sony Pictures Television as a partner.

“We came up with this idea,” said Warren, 31. “There’s no limit to how many episodes there can be in a Web series. So why don’t we design it as a (feature-length movie) so we can sell it as a DVD feature at the end?”

Sony executives, it turns out, had the same idea.

The studio picked up the project in April and gave it a budget of around $1 million. That’s nowhere near the $30 million-plus budgets of many Hollywood movies, but more than the producers were told they could sell it for. Web sites typically pay up to $5,000 for a short clip of original video; with 16 episodes, other Web sites might have paid around $100,000 for “The Bannen Way.” …


Hollywood films on the cheap: Paramount’s low-budget movie gamble

Let’s call it the “Paranormal Effect” initiative.

Clearly dazzled by the fact that it could gross more than $100 million on a movie that barely cost $15,000 to make, Paramount Pictures is set to launch a new production wing devoted to films budgeted at less than $100,000.