Are You Ready to Create Holograms On Your Phone?

Holographic 3D video isn’t a wild reality for a Star Trek-style future ~ Jules Urbach, co-founder and CEO of the Los Angeles-based cloud rendering company OTOY predicts we’ll be seeing this on mobile phones as soon as 2015. Right from your device, you’ll be able to transport yourself into a game, travel to a distant locale or create a fully immersive learning environment in your own home…

The movie MindScans ( depicts holographic displays on a laptop computer configuration. We asked Director Ben Chiu about his reasoning to show a futuristic laptop computer over a mobile device. Here’s his reply:

“There were several reasons: First, I figured that power requirements of a daylight viewable projection device would far outweigh that of mobile device itself. If you think your cell phone battery is barely adequate now, even with advances in battery tech, the power requirements would be at minimum double or triple of that even just to show off as a gimmick.

Secondly, because our character Sara is a writer, she’d need a physical keyboard to doing real work (as opposed to surfing or watching videos or playing games). So we gave her a flexible keyboard that we modified a bit to mimic what we envision futuristic laptop ergonomics should be (it molds to your lap). Because a keyboard/computer combo is larger, the battery issue becomes less of an impossibility. “

Sara’s holographic laptop in the movie MindScans

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Want to live forever? Tech firm wants to create your ‘digital alter ego’

Ever dreamed of being immortal?

A new tech start-up is hoping to turn that fantasy into reality by creating a 3D “digital alter ego” of yourself who will talk to your family and friends after you’ve died…

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It’s happening again! Although this is more of a social confirmation of the concepts depicted in MindScans, it’s perhaps the most significant because if you can’t imagine it, you can’t make it. And as MindScans lets us know, that’s a whole other can of worms we’re opening there! The tagline for the movie MindScans is “where virtual blurs reality,” but perhaps it should have been “where fictional becomes reality!”