Too ‘cheep’ to live, too fun to die: Tamagotchi reborn for social gamers

If you were a kid in the 1990s, chances are you had a few Beanie Babies cluttering your room, right next to your Nintendo 64 and your electronic pet, the cheeping, egg-laying Tamagotchi.

Now, 17 years after Japanese toymaker Bandai released the original, a whole new generation of children will be able to experience the joy of trying to keep a fictional animal alive…

In the movie MindScans, Tom Sobel, based his ALF’s (Artificial Life Forms) on Tamagochi. Do you see the parallels?

Meet the Lowest-Grossing Movie of 2013

(With a Box-Office Haul of Just $72)

In Hollywood, you win some and you lose some – and then you really lose some – just ask everyone involved with “Storage 24.” The British sci-fi/horror flick grossed a less than whopping $72 at the U.S. box office.

No, we didn’t forget any zeroes there.

Granted, “Storage 24” only played at one theater and only for one week, but something tells us there was a probably a reason for that…