George Lucas says there will ‘never’ be a new ‘Star Wars’

Are you a “Star Wars” fan who still holds out hope that Episodes VII, VIII and IX will someday hit theater screens? Don’t count on it.

On Wednesday, George Lucas blasted away any chance of ever seeing a new birth of the “Star Wars” franchise when TMZ briefly caught him leaving a Hollywood restaurant.

Asked when the newest installment of “Star Wars” would be, Lucas was blunt: “Never,” he said, adding “I’m retired.”

It appears to be Lucas’ latest film venture that turned the prolific filmmaker off moviemaking. After spending 23 years developing and fighting studios to produce “Red Tails,” the first all-black action film, which hit theaters in January, Lucas told the New York Times he was done making action movies…

Super-human brain technology sparks ethics debate

A British ethics group has launched a debate on the ethical dilemmas posed by new technologies that tap into the brain and could bring super-human strength, highly enhanced concentration or thought-controlled weaponry…