Hollywood hoping Redbox will be the DVD version of $1 movie theaters

Movie studio executives don’t hate Redbox — they just think it’s the equivalent of that dingy movie theater where you can see 4-month-old movies for a buck.


Big Media Earnings: Film/TV Bright Spots

Hey, Hollywood, don’t get suckered by this week’s earnings reports of doom and gloom at the Big Media companies. In fact, the entertainment sides of some of these companies are doing — dare I say it — better.

Spin-doctoring or just plain old optimism?


DreamWorks Animation facing its first-ever international underperformance

When DreamWorks Animation reports its second quarter earnings tomorrow afternoon, Jeffrey Katzenberg may have to answer questions about a problem his company has never faced before: international underperformance.

Uh, perhaps 3-D for no reason other than limiting venues?