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MindScans has been released on the hugely popular Amazon Prime Instant Video platform in both HD and SD for rental. Digital download versions (without the timed limited viewing restrictions) and the full-featured DVD containing exclusive special features are also available. Now you can watch the thought provoking, highly acclaimed movie based on Best Selling Sci-fi Author Steven L. Kent’s MindScans on your device of choice–from your cell phone to your home theater.

MindScans – where virtual blurs reality!

Samsung Introduces First Transparent Display Panels

…Samsung Transparent Display will visually accentuate the gesture and voice control…

The movie MindScans ( features a transparent displays in an office setting that utilizes gesture control, and on a tablet that is controlled via a more traditional touch interface.

Gesture controlled, transparent display in the movie MindScans

According to Director Ben Chiu, many of the devices in MindScans did not exist at the time of filming. He says, “the iPad wasn’t even a product yet. What’s funny is people see these things in MindScans now and don’t even give them a second thought.

“There are many more tech devices depicted in MindScans than most people realize. Ben says, “some are pretty cool really, but because their importance, in regards to moving the story along, was nil, they’re just in the background.”

Can you spot some of these advanced technology in MindScans?

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Are You Ready to Create Holograms On Your Phone?

Holographic 3D video isn’t a wild reality for a Star Trek-style future ~ Jules Urbach, co-founder and CEO of the Los Angeles-based cloud rendering company OTOY predicts we’ll be seeing this on mobile phones as soon as 2015. Right from your device, you’ll be able to transport yourself into a game, travel to a distant locale or create a fully immersive learning environment in your own home…

The movie MindScans ( depicts holographic displays on a laptop computer configuration. We asked Director Ben Chiu about his reasoning to show a futuristic laptop computer over a mobile device. Here’s his reply:

“There were several reasons: First, I figured that power requirements of a daylight viewable projection device would far outweigh that of mobile device itself. If you think your cell phone battery is barely adequate now, even with advances in battery tech, the power requirements would be at minimum double or triple of that even just to show off as a gimmick.

Secondly, because our character Sara is a writer, she’d need a physical keyboard to doing real work (as opposed to surfing or watching videos or playing games). So we gave her a flexible keyboard that we modified a bit to mimic what we envision futuristic laptop ergonomics should be (it molds to your lap). Because a keyboard/computer combo is larger, the battery issue becomes less of an impossibility. “

Sara’s holographic laptop in the movie MindScans

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Want to live forever? Tech firm wants to create your ‘digital alter ego’

Ever dreamed of being immortal?

A new tech start-up is hoping to turn that fantasy into reality by creating a 3D “digital alter ego” of yourself who will talk to your family and friends after you’ve died…

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It’s happening again! Although this is more of a social confirmation of the concepts depicted in MindScans, it’s perhaps the most significant because if you can’t imagine it, you can’t make it. And as MindScans lets us know, that’s a whole other can of worms we’re opening there! The tagline for the movie MindScans is “where virtual blurs reality,” but perhaps it should have been “where fictional becomes reality!”

Actual Devices Amazingly Similar MindScans Interface

These articles discuss some amazing tech, but I was instantly struck by how similar the designs of these actual devices are to the ones features in the feature film, MindScans (perhaps a couple of generations behind the movie, but that just means we were on the right track!). If you haven’t seen it yet, Amazon just dropped the price of the MindScans DVD!


8 amazing technologies that will change your world

“Get ahead of your time

For 91 years, subscribers have relied on “The Kiplinger Letter” for insights into emerging technologies that will change the way Americans live and do business. Examples of “you read it first in Kiplinger” include the rise of commercial air routes in 1927, the early development of television in the 1930s, electronic office machines in 1953 and “smartphones” in 1979.

Now on the horizon: Controlling your computer, or other devices, with only your thoughts. Furniture that assembles itself. And medical testing at home that could save you a trip to the doctor.

Take a look at eight technologies in the works that could drastically change your life.”

Can this brain-sensing headband give you serenity?

“…Ariel Garten believes that the brain — with its 100 billion neurons that receive, register, and respond to thoughts and impulses — has the power to accomplish almost anything, if only its power could be properly harnessed.

Her company InteraXon, which she co-founded with Trevor Coleman, has produced Muse, a lightweight headband that uses electroencephalography (EEG) sensors to monitor your brain activity, transmitting that information to a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The high-tech headband has been used to pour beer, levitate chairs, or control the lights — all without the wearer lifting a finger.”

Piloting Planes With Mind Control

…engineers developed an algorithm that can convert brain waves into flight commands. The researchers hope the mind-controlled system paired with specialized airplane controls will make flying easier and safer in the future…

MindScans director, Ben Chiu, who is also a pilot and flight instructor, says, “flying is on of the most difficult things that humans do,” and believes anything that makes that task easier will make it safer. As a pilot myself, I agree, but I’d never wear a hat like that no matter how safe it is!

– Vic

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Brain-Inspired IBM Chip Puts Traditional Computers To Shame

Crossing a traditional computer with a biological one, the brain, is no easy task but researchers at IBM have been hard at work doing just that. On Thursday they announced the results of 10 years of research and $53 million in DARPA funding. The company’s new brain-inspired chip achieves unparalleled levels of power and efficiency, and IBM claims it may change the fundamental methods of computing.

The latest chip boasts more than 5 billion transistors, putting it in supercomputer-on-a-chip territory, but that’s not the impressive part those transistors are organized into 4,096 “neurosynaptic cores,” on which are more than a million simulated “neurons” and 256 million “synapses.” IBM’s chip, you see, is an attempt to replicate the brain’s style of processing information…

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Brain-Controlled ‘Iron Man’ Suit Kicks Off World Cup

A 29-year-old paraplegic literally kicked off soccer’s World Cup competition in Brazil on Thursday, using a mind-controlled exoskeleton that looks as if it came from the “Iron Man” movies.

The organizers of the international Walk Again Project said the symbolic soccer-ball kick was performed during the World Cup’s opening ceremonies in dougl Paulo’s Corinthians Arena by Juliano Pinto. He’s an athlete from Galea in Brazil’s Sao Paulo State who lost the use of his legs after a car accident in 2006…