Trailer Houses Feeling the Effect of Budget Cuts

Downturns in the economy usually propagates a boom in the movie business. What we see here are signs of course corrections away from the excesses of years past. The good news is highly-efficient production companies like Alliance Digital Studios will be able to compete closer on this front than ever would have been possible in the past.

‘Star Trek’ hits mother lode: almost $3 million above estimate

Turns out moms might like “Star Trek” after all.

Final box-office tallies for the weekend show that the J.J. Abrams-directed sci-fi reboot made $75.2 million, $2.7 million more than Paramount Pictures had estimated, thanks to a stronger-than-expected showing on Mother’s Day.–final-box-office-tallies-for-the-weekend-show-that-the-jj-abrams-dire.html