Paranormal Activity is User Generated Content!

One “truth” that you hear quoted over and over is that there is no way to make money from user generated content. Paramount, to its delight, is currently finding out that this “truth” is actually a lie.

The conclusions are questionable, but the facts are very interesting…

Netflix preparing for future with delayed rentals, more Internet streaming

After another quarter of stunning growth, Netflix is preparing for a future in which its business may look very different.

On the way out: rentals of new DVDs. On the way in: more Internet streaming across a variety of devices.

What these folks are missing is “high speed internet” doesn’t seem very high speed when you start downloading DVD’s.

District 9 director gets a blank check for his next one

Neill Blomkamp, the South African effects whiz turned director whose modestly budgeted District 9 was the big sleeper hit of last summer, has obtained financing with few strings attached for his next sci-fi project, which he’ll prep, produce and release in 2010.

Hollywood studios in midst of their own horror show

Hollywood’s biggest slasher story isn’t playing at any theater near you. It’s hitting the industry’s corporate suites, where the sacking of studio executives has reached epidemic level.

The end of the old business model…,0,702751.story

Crunching The Numbers As Star Trek Ends Theatrical Run

Fall has started and most people have moved on from the summer blockbusters, but the dedicated Trek fans at Trek Movie are taking one last look at the box office receipts from this summer’s Star Trek, and have found that it finally surpassed Star Trek: The Motion Picture as the highest-grossing Trek film of all time.

OK, see if the next entry below surprises you…

‘Paranormal Activity’: Do midnight sell-outs suggest it’s the next ‘Blair Witch’?

Producer Jason Blum spent nearly two years bringing the ultra-low-budget thriller “Paranormal Activity” to theaters. “It finally feels,” he says, “like we’re entering the third act.”