Guilds lobby low-budget filmmakers

SAG, WGA’s AFM presentation makes case for using union members

In an annual ritual at the American Film Market, SAG and the WGA romanced about 200 low-budget producers Monday to use union actors and writers…

…Under the SAG ultra-low budget agreement, for example, actors receive $100 a day and are paid only for the days they work.

Mark Friedlander, SAG’s national director of new media, stressed the simplicity of those guild agreements by noting that the current pact is a four-page document.

He added that except for producers agreeing to make pension and health contributions, other terms are flexible.

WGA West senior director of contracts Lise Anderson said the guild is willing to make projects affordable — noting that payment of the screenplay purchase minimum of $42,088 can be deferred for projects under $500,000…

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